ECC Iceland

ECC Iceland is part of the European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net), which consists of 30 centres throughout the EU, Iceland and Norway.  The purpose of the ECC-Net is to provide advice and support to consumers when shopping cross-border within the internal market. The ECC-Net also offers a mediation service. If necessary, ECC Iceland can liaise with a foreign trader via its sister centre in the country of purchase. The services of the ECC-Net are free of charge and the cost of ECC-Net is divided between the EU and the member states.

Please note that ECC Iceland does not deal with queries from Icelandic consumers concerning Icelandic traders. Consumers with such queries should contact the Consumers’ Association (Neytendasamtökin). Furthermore please note that that the ECC-Net has no enforcement powers and cannot compel traders to take any action or accept our point of view. We can provide advice, information, and mediation between consumers and traders. If these actions do not lead to a satisfactory result, we will provide guidance on further action, for instance by assisting consumers in putting their case before an ADR-body, if available or a public enforcement body.