Claims in the bankruptcy proceedings of WOW Air

On 28th of March of 2019 WOW Air was declared bankrupt. At the same time Mr. Thorsteinn Einarsson and Mr. Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, Attorneys to the Supreme Court, were appointed trustees of the estate.

As the company has been declared bankrupt, consumer that have any claims on depts., or other right against the trader must declare their claim in writing before the deadline of 2nd of August 2019. Such claims can for example be a refund of unused tickets because of the trader ceasing operations, claims for compensation in accordance with EU 261/2004 or other claims on the trader.

The statements of claims should be submitted to office/address:

Reykjavík Lawyers
Mr. Sveinn Andri Sveinsson hrl.
Grjótagötu 7
101 Reykjavík

According to the standards of the Icelandic bankruptcy law, claims must be submitted in post. Email is not sufficient so passengers must file a written claim with all the supporting documents with post to the above listed address.

The trustee have made a standard form of claim consumers can use while filing their claim. The standard form can be found here below.

For further information, the email address of the trustee is as follows: