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Claims in the bankruptcy proceedings of WOW Air

On 28th of March of 2019 WOW Air was declared bankrupt. At the same time Mr. Thorsteinn Einarsson and Mr. Sveinn Andri Sveinsson, Attorneys to the Supreme Court, were appointed trustees of the estate.

WOW Air ceases operation

Update 28/3/19 14:50 - WOW AIR has filed for bankruptcy. We will provide information about the currator and where consumers can file their claims as soon as it will be made public. 


This morning the Icelandic airline WOW AIR sent out a press release that the company has ceased operations. All flights today with WOW AIR has been cancelled.

See the press release here

Opnunartími skrifstofu yfir hátíðirnar

Opnunartími skrifstofu ECC verður sem hér segir yfir hátíðirnar:

Lýsa - Event in Akureyri

ECC-Iceland, and our host The Consumers´ Association, are attending Lýsa - an event in Akureyri. We will be introducing the ECC-Net, providing consumers with information about various consumer rights and giving away various gadgets from the ECC-Net. 

We hope to see you there!


Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year in February. It’s a day when organisations help to raise awareness about online safety issues.

This year the ECC-Net has put together six good tips on how to detect a fake online shop. 


Opening hours during the Christmas holiday

Opening hours for ECC-Iceland:

Strike with Icelandair staff postponed for 4 weeks

On 17th of December Icelandair mechanics went on a strike from 6:00. This has affected many flights to and from Iceland for those passengers travelling with Icelandair. This morning an agreement was reached with the Icelandic Mechanics Association and is now pending a vote with the association.

As a result the strike has been postponed for the time being and Icelandair is now working on recovering from the disruption. For further information about affected flights please see the announcement website of Icelandair:

Air Berlin flights

On 15th of August Air Berlin declared bankruptcy and we published an article about that here on our website. Air Berlin has now announced that it will seize all flight operations after 28th of October 2017.