Waiting for a plane

Friday, April 1, 2016 - 10:30

Two British consumers had booked a flight from Keflavík, Iceland to London. The flight was cancelled so they were booked on a flight leaving the next day. Due to a mistake of some sort they Brits could however not board the second flight either. The airline then offered them a flight the next day but as they could wait no longer they booked their own flight with another airline later that day. Due to this the British tourists encountered some extra cost, due to one extra night in a hotel et cetera. So they turned to the ECC-Net in an effort to get a refund. After ECC-Iceland had contacted the airline, and referred to previous decisions by the NEB (Icelandic Transport Authority) the airline conceded to pay all costs, refund the unused airline tickets as well as pay a standard compensation of 400 EUR pr. passenger. So after help from the ECC-Net the consumer received approx. 190.000 ISK from the airline as was their right.  

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