Enforcement & ADR

The legal environment has improved immensely for European consumers during the last few decades. Mostly this has happened through EU-legislation so that similar rights are in place for consumers throughout the EEA. Most of these have been implemented into Icelandic law. You can find more details on individual legislative acts on this website, for instance the directive on package travel and mobile roaming regulation, the regulation on air passenger rights, the directive on distance selling, the unfair commercial practices directive and the sale of goods and associated guarantees directive.

Before making purchases from a trader based in another European country it is important for consumers to familiarize themselves with the rules that apply. You can turn to your ECC for information and advice, but you can also find extensive information on the ECCs websites. It might also be useful to look at some of the brochures from ECC-Iceland or reports from the ECC-Net. 

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An overview of the Ruling Committee in...

The Ruling Committee in Travel Industry Matters is a joint project of the Consumers’ Association (NS) and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF). Among SAF’s members are airlines, travel agencies, car rentals, hotels, restaurants and recreational service providers. The committee operates in accordance with an agreement between these two parties and rules on consumer disputes with members of SAF.

Internet lotteries - SCAMS or just good...

ECC-Iceland gets a lot of information requests from people who claim to have won the lottery! That is they have received an announcement on e-mail, or via a text message to their mobile, about their winnings - which can be up to 1 million EUR or even more! However, people should be careful regarding these lotteries as generally they are illegal scams. After replying to those e-mails you are asked to give a lot of personal info, and then you most likely need to send some money, for banking costs, taxes or something of the sort.

European City Guide and other scams

ECC-Iceland receives a few complaints every year from companies that have registered with databases such as Euro Business Guide, European City Guide and World Business Guide, which appear to be scams. The companies receive a contract where they are asked to register – seemingly for free – to appear in the database and/or books/booklets. After they have signed the contract they receive a bill for approximately 1000 Euros – which is said to be the annual fee. Upon closer inspection the fee appears in the contract in very fine and illegible print.