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It can be fun to do some shopping while abroad. The selection of goods on offer might be better than at home and some products might also be cheaper. Therefore it is good to know that consumers are in most cases protected by the same rules no matter where within the EU they chose to do their shopping. The disadvantage of shopping abroad is perhaps mainly that in case of a defective product it is a bit more difficult to go back to the store in Spain than it might be going to the corner store at home in order to complain. But this is where the ECC-Net steps in, assisting consumers when things go wrong.

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Fake products

A relatively small amount of fake products and copies are sold here in Iceland, but when going on holiday it is quite common that shopaholic tourists get offers to purchase incredibly cheap jewellery, leather goods or cosmetics. You can even get a large bottle of perfume for less than 10% of its price in duty free stores.

New version of the ECC-Net: Travel app

Staying "h'APP'y" in Europe with ECC-Net: Travel app

There are lots of difficult situations any traveller may encounter during a journey abroad. Picking up a rental car that is more expensive than agreed, finding out that a hotel room booked from home is unavailable, buying an item that becomes defective shortly afterwards: we've seen it all happen, haven't we? Thanks to ECC-Net: Travel app you now have the perfect tool to stay cool and express your rights in any European language.

Guidelines concerning returns, store...

These guidelines concerning returns, credit notes and gift certificates are voluntary and shops are therefore under no obligation to follow them. Before buying a gift or an item you think you might need to return you should always ask about store policy. Especially when buying gift certificates you should always read the fine print and just say “NO THANKS” if you don´t like it – the store or service provider may set a time limit of as little as three or six months – and it is very sad to spend money on a gift certificate if the recipient has then no option of using it.