Shopping online

In can be fun and convenient to buy things over the Internet. The selection of products might be better than in the stores at home and the price might also be better. However there are several things to consider when shopping on-line.

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year in February. It’s a day when organisations help to raise awareness about online safety issues.

This year the ECC-Net has put together six good tips on how to detect a fake online shop. 


Ticket purchase on the internet

Consumers use the internet more frequently to buy tickets for various events. In Portugal there are several events during the summer and attract people for all over the world. Occasionally ECC-Portugal receive complaints that arise from bad practices and frauds in the tickets ‘sales. Due to that reason ECC-Portugal has published some good advice that you can view in the document below.



March 15 is the World Consumer Day. At this special occasion, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) publishes 10 things to look out for to avoid buying fake products. Though having traditionally targeted the luxury market, counterfeit products have now touched all consumer products such as medicine, cosmetics, children’s toys, shoes or automobile parts and are easily accessible thanks to online commerce. These online bargains seem incredibly attractive. ECC-Net advises not to buy counterfeit goods! Fake products may pose health, safety and financial risks to consumers.